Planned Projects

The Bent: The TBP chapter at UCSC has been established since 2008 and is still making a name for itself amongst the student body. The ten year anniversary of the chapter is approaching and to help find a permenant place amid the organizations at the Baskin School of Engineering, our chapter will erect a Bent. The Bent will be placed in the quarry of the Baskin School of Engineering to signify Tau Beta Pi's place at UCSC and our pursuit for excellence in engineering.

If you would like to contribute to our Bent installation, please donate at our GoFundMe:

LED Display Case: The LED display was a organization wide project put on by our then president, Kevin Johnson. The project spanned the duration of our Spring quarter, and was completed, but never displayed to our peers. The vision for the project was to show it in one of the display cases in the Jack Basking Engineering building for incoming students to exemplify topics and projects they will be doing as engineering students.

LED Project Gallery